Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Teaching For Queericulum!

This is gonna be a blast: I'm going to be doing a combo (basic bondage and impact play) for Queericulum, on April 18th. Here's the info:

Two Great Things .... Together: Impact Play & Basic Bondage
Join this workshop to receive (ahem) 'hands-on' instruction in a wide and sometimes-strange variety of different impact toys: hands, hairbrushes, paddles, crops, wooden spoons, batons, quirts, and lots more.

And then get some (ahem) 'confining instruction' in a wide range of affordable bondage gear, such as Saran Wrap, Bungie cord, plastic tape, and tons of other fun toys and techniques!

Both impact and bondage will be taught with an air to fun, affordability and -- most of all -- safety so you can hit (and be hit), bind (and be bound) for a long, long time!

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