Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday - BDSM Creatives Next Meeting!

Let's the trumpets sound and the banners fly: next Monday, June 13th, is the next get-together of the BDSM Creatives Support Group at the SF Citadel!

Bring your smiles, your artwork, your whatever-you-want ... see you there!

Here's the event info

If you like to paint, make music, write, build things, craft toys, or just let your imagination run wild in all kinds of directions ... AND you're beautifully kinky, come join your fellow artistic community members at the BDSM Creatives Support Group!

Here will be a positive, non-judgmental space where you can mix your flair for art with your passion for BDSM. Come share experiences, network, receive encouragement, be inspired, vent your frustrations, share your skills, learn new techniques, or just hang out among other fun people who share your passion for sex AND creativity!

We'll be having regular monthly meetings at the SF Citadel – and working on munches, art crawls, show and tells, special classes, expeditions, and cooperative kinky projects. Make time to make things -- and make friends!