Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Going To Be At Convolution

This is going to be a blast: I'm going to be attending - and on various panels, etc - at the upcoming Convolution event here in the Bay Area.  Click here for more info ... and when I get my schedule I'll post it here, of course.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Classes!

While some of them are still works-in-progress I thought I might as well share with you some new classes I'm working on ... and, as always, if you are interested in having my sweet self (really!) teach for you please free free to email me.

Hitting Below The Belt: The Art Of Cock And Ball Torture
While the phrase "cock and ball torture" might conjure up rather (ahem) 'extreme' images of pain, men who enjoy CBT know that while it can be edge play there are many other forms of using restriction, impacts, urethra play, general sensation scenes, and much more that even the most sensitive – or just plain cautious -- man can thoroughly enjoy. In this mix of demonstration and lecture, participants will learn not just the basic structure and behavior of the penis and testicles in order to play effectively and safely but also how to create CBT scenes for a wide range of male experience and sensitivity.

You Want To Do What? Sex And BDSM Scenes
Even though it is often seen as 'alternative sexuality' a lot of people in the BDSM community are often baffled by how to include direct sexual activity into their scenes. From STC (Sexually Transmitted Condition) concerns to issues of intimacy, to switching from the intensity of hardcore play to the intensity of sexual contact, this class and discussion will playfully but restfully give examples of how erotic play can be added into BDSM activities in a physical as well as emotionally safe way – as well as being able to handle the sometimes unexpected emotions that can come up for even the most seasoned of BDSM aficionado when sexuality enters the mix.

Willy-Nilly: What Everyone Should Know About The Penis

Even though it's Man's Best Friend, there's still a lot about the penis that people simply don't understand: from the pointedly-obvious, such as the mechanisms of erections, to the more understated facts like many men can orgasm without ejaculation, this playful – yet comprehensive – class will cover length and breadth of male genitalia, both in it's structure and function as well as some of the quirks and unknown erogenous zones. Included will be safety, common misconceptions, alternative forms of penis play, and much more.